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Consumer Complaint Resolution
Formal Grievance Procedure


The purpose of this paper is to provide information to consumer’s of Inland Caregiver Resource Center’s services or to the public at large who are requesting services of Inland Caregiver Resource Center (ICRC) about how to resolve problems, complaints and/or to respond to a denial of service by ICRC.

ICRC is an independent non-profit organization.  The policies and procedures established by the agency are determined by ICRC’s Board of Directors and are in compliance with guidelines, policies and procedures established by ICRC’s grant sources, specifically the California Department of Mental Health for Caregiver Resource Center services and the National Family Caregiver Support Program as administered by Riverside County Office on Aging and San Bernardino County Department of Aging and Adult Services. 

The services you receive may be provided by Inland Caregiver Resource Center or by an agency contract provider.  If you are dissatisfied with the services you are receiving or believe you have been denied services unjustly, or you believe you are being discriminated against, or that there has been a violation of any laws or regulations, you have the right to register an informal complaint or to file a formal grievance to Inland Caregiver Resource Center.


Denial of Service. A refusal by the ICRC or a contract service provider to provide you with the type, kind or method of services you feel you need or believe you are entitled to.

Termination of Service. The cessation or suspension of any type service that you have been receiving due to your Care Plan established in the process of your Family Consultation, or any reduction in the type or method of services, including, but not limited to, a reduction in the frequency or duration or inaccessibility of the location of the service provider.

Other Service Related Concerns: Concerns about service issues other than those listed here.  If you need assistance in completing the formal grievance form, you can request help from your Family Consultant, or by calling the Quality Improvement Coordinator at (909) 514-1404.


You may submit the completed formal grievance form to your Family Consultant, the Assistant Director or the Executive Director. This individual will record the grievance in a control log and send copies to the head of the Quality Improvement Committee. If you prefer, you may mail the grievance directly to the Quality Improvement Committee in the envelope provided with the forms.


* From the date of receipt, has five working days to conduct a review.

* May contact you to resolve the grievance.

* Will write a letter to you summarizing the discussion and the proposed resolution, including information on who to contact if you are dissatisfied. This will be mailed to you by the end of the sixth working day.  


If the Committee determines that a formal hearing is needed, you will be notified in advance. The hearing will be scheduled within six working days of receipt of the grievance and will occur within 14 days.   The Quality Improvement Committee will make a decision based on a majority vote and if favorable to you, will be immediately binding on you, the Inland Caregiver Resource Center or the contract provider agency. You will receive a decision in writing containing the information on which the decision was based.


If you are not satisfied with the attempt to resolve your problem through the Quality Improvement Committee, you have the right to request a review by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

To request a review and or hearing with the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors send a letter to the President of the Board of Directors at ICRC’s main office, 1420 E. Cooley Drive, Ste 100, Colton CA 92324. 

The Executive Committee may request your attendance at the hearing.  The findings of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors are final and binding.  No other appeals can be made beyond the Board of Directors.


Forwarding the Written Complaint/Grievance to Riverside County or San Bernardino County

If you are receiving services under ICRC’s grants to provide National Family Caregiver Support Program services you have the right to file a written complaint or formal grievance to either Riverside County Office on Aging or San Bernardino County Department of Aging and Adult Services.  You may file a complaint or formal grievance with the county agency of your residence if there is no resolution to your issue within fifteen (15) business days. 


If you live in San Bernardino County

Forward the written complaint/grievance to the Deputy Director at the following address:
Department of Aging and Adult Services

686 E. Mill Street

San Bernardino, CA 92415-0640

Attn.: Deputy Director


If you live in Riverside County

 Contact ICRC or the Riverside County Office on Aging at 951-697-4697 and request information about proceeding with a formal complaint/grievance.

 If resolved at this level, no further action is required.  If no resolution is apparent within fifteen (15) business days, proceed to the next step.


Next step:

If no resolution occurs up to this point, forward a copy of the written grievance to:

In Riverside County:

To be provided by ICRC upon request or by contacting Riverside County Office on Aging at 951-697-4697.


In San Bernardino County:

Human Services System, Contracts Manager
150 S. Lena Rd.
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0515

If you believe your civil rights have been violated, please contact:

 In San Bernardino County:

Deputy Director, Administration
Department of Aging and Adult Services
686 E. Mill St.
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0640


In Riverside County:

 Request information from Riverside County Office on Aging: 951-697-4697