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  • Focuses on teaching each client the skills necessary to move to action and make lasting life changes
  • Is delivered in the client’s home or other accessible community setting
  • Takes a team-based approach, involving the client, the PEARLS Counselor, Clinical Supervisor, and a Psychiatrist Consultation
  • Aims to improve quality of life as well as reduce depressive symptoms
  • Is well-suited for individuals with chronic illness, including people with epilepsy

The PEARLS program at Inland Caregiver Resource Center is used nationwide. PEARLS is an evidence-based approach created to reduce depressive symptoms and improve the quality of life for seniors. PEARLS enables older adults to create long-term changes that can allow them to have a more active and rewarding life.

PEARLS is a community-based prevention and early intervention program that uses problem solving treatment methods, social and physical activation, and increased pleasant events to decrease symptoms of depression.

PEARLS consists of 6-8 sessions that take place in the client’s home or a private community setting. There is a focus on behavioral habits during the sessions. Additionally, the PEARLS Counselors empower individuals to take action and make lasting changes so they can lead more active and rewarding lives. 

​PEARLS is free and confidential and serves older adults (ages 60 and older) who live in Riverside County. PEARLS is funded by Riverside University Health System - Behavioral Health through the Mental Health Services Act - Prevention and Early Intervention.

To get more information or speak with a PEARLS counselor click HERE.

PEARLS: Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives for Seniors